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This article is your ultimate guide to the Variconis, a top product which remedies varicose veins in the leg. You will learn a lot about use of the gel; its side-effects (if any); safety precautions, where and how to buy it. You’ll also be enlightened on where and how to order the gel; price range; ordering tips; and identifying replicas, i.e. fakes.

The gel heals Varices. A Varix (‘Varices’ for plural) is a high-risk disease. It’s an aesthetic defect found in many patients. If Varices were left untreated, lots of damage could be done to the patient. Festering Varices could cause Thrombosis, Hemorrhage and Trophic ulcers.

Thrombosis is a case of blood vessel obstruction, i.e. the impediment of regular blood flow. Hemorrhage is bleeding caused by skin lesion—lesions are caused by ruptured body tissues. Trophic ulcers revolve around necrosis of the tissue, i.e. blood circulation complications and insufficient nutrient absorption. Trophic ulcers are arguably, the worst of the bunch. Varices are best treated with Variconis.

Benefits of the Variconis Gel

Variconis gel reviews

Variconis is a biological product very effective in healing varicose veins. It is a gel which is then applied to the afflicted area for maximum effect.  The benefits of using the gel include:

  • Reduces swelling of bloated veins
  • Relieves pain in afflicted leg
  • Prevents thrombosis in blood vessels
  • Strengthens blood vessels, ensuring better blood circulation
  • Eliminates reddening of capillaries.
  • Relaxes strained muscles
variconis buy

Variconis has helped thousands of women (the major victims of varicose veins) experience relief from swollen leg veins. Although the gel isn’t sold over the counter, it is free of contraindications. And according to many customer reviews, it doesn’t have any notable side effects.

Components of the Variconis Gel

Variconis is a natural composition gel made with rare and natural plant oils. The gel contains troxerutin, a vasoprotective. Troxerutin reduces viscosity in veins and capillaries.

Other relevant components of the gel include:

  • Rosmarinus officinalis oil,
  • Tritikum sativum oil,
  • Thymus vulgaris flower oil,
  • Aesculus hippocastene.
  • Hamamelis Virginiana,
  • Lavandula hybrid oil
  • Aloe Vera barbadensis

‘Rosmarinus officinalis oil’ is a famous herb used to alleviate muscle pain, boost immune system and enhance circulation.

‘Tritikum sativum oil’, also known as wheat germ oil, is super effective in reducing skin damage and enhancing collagen formation.

‘Thymus vulgaris flower oil’, or simply thyme oil, is used to treat a range of conditions, most significant, being arthritis.

‘Aesculus hippocastene’, also known as horse chestnut, treats severe medical conditions such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

‘Hamamelis Virginiana’relives swelling, itching, and bleeding

‘Lavandula hybrid oil’reduces pain in muscles and joints.

‘Aloe Vera barbadensis’ treats skin injuries, especially varicose veins

Variconis gel reviews

How to Use Variconis Gel?

Variconis is simple to use, and safe. It is an alternative to surgery. By simply opting for this gel, you don’t need to worry about side-effects. In less than 3 weeks, you will see glaring changes in your condition.

For the best result, use the gel for the long-term. Reputable doctors have vetted the gel as the best prophylactic solution for varicose vein.

Variconis gel reviews

Using Variconis is easy. Simply apply the gel to the afflicted area, once or twice a week. For severe cases, apply twice a day. Within a week and half, your capillaries strengthen and your skin clears up. Three weeks of application normalizes the blood flow and totally removes the swelling. If you continue to apply the gel after that, then the gel provides nutritive support to your injured vessels and veins. 

Variconis Gel lack of contraindications

Does the gel come with any contraindications? By contraindications means medical conditions that make drug inadvisable for use. Variconis has a lack of contraindications. There are no side-effects from using this product. It doesn’t cause irritations either. The gel is simply side-effect free.

With that being said, the gel comes across as an alternative to surgery. If you fear surgery, then you should buy Variconis. It is not only hypoallergenic; it is easy to apply and also effectively heals varicose veins. Buy a gel today and use it with confidence!

Как работает Variconis Gel?

A study conducted by the Actinium research institution on 1436 volunteers certified the positive effectiveness of the gel. It was discovered that the Variconis gel reduced about 87.8% and 90% of central vessel and blood vessel width respectively.

The way the Variconis works is simple. In fact, its healing process can be broken down into three. First, it removes the cause of the vein dilation. Next, it eliminates varicose veins. Finally, it reduces pain and swelling.

The gel is advised to be applied for duration of 3-5 weeks for best results. By applying the cream, you relax tense muscles and ease up tissues for normalized blood flow. This process allows the gel reduce the swelling in the varicose veins, penetrates the skin and then restores nutrients to the injured veins and vessels.

Where and how to buy Variconis Gel

Unlike other products, Variconis addresses the threat of varicose veins directly. Although endorsed by doctors globally, it is not sold over-the-counter. You don’t need the stress of visiting a pharmacy. You can simply purchase Variconis online from its official website. The reliability of your product delivery is 100%. You will not be defrauded of your money.

variconis buy

The manufacturer understands the plight of its customers. Selling through retail pharmacies, would mean more costs on delivery. Also, pharmacies tend to spike up the price of affordable drugs like Variconis making them expensively inaccessible to the wide public. So what you should buy for an affordable 39 EUR may cost upwards of 100 EUR.

If you need to buy the gel, simply head to the official site. The order process is easy, and it comes in various shipping options. Variconis ships to almost every country in Europe like Spain, Poland, Italy, Croatia, etc… After placing an order, you can expect your gel in the next working day or two. You can pay via credit card or by cash.

Beware of fake affiliates. Variconis ships only to countries in Europe. Any vendor claiming otherwise is a scam. The gel comes in a round top slivery container and a fitted package. Order only on the official website!

Variconis Gel – Reviews 2021

Customers who patronize Variconis are extremely happy with the results. The gel doesn’t come in pharmacy stores yet it has been sold and distributed countless times all over Europe. Here are some reviews of satisfied customers

Variconis Gel reviews


After my difficult delivery, I began to experience problems with my veins. The swelling was unbearable as my leg grew bloated and sickly. I couldn’t walk with ease; I always felt pain in my leg. I paid a visit to my doctor and he recommended Variconis. I saw results after 5 days. The pain has subsided and the swelling has totally gone. I can walk about easily now.


I’m somewhat obese, so I don’t get around a lot. But when I do go out, my legs kill me! It didn’t take very long for me to discover my legs bursting with varicose veins. And the swelling was equally terrible. Pharmacists recommended I undergo surgery but I never liked surgical procedures. So I googled solutions and found Variconis gel. Three weeks in and my legs feel fantastic! I‘m still applying; I get a soothing feeling when using Variconis.


My job doesn’t allow me sit much. I’m constantly moving or standing for long hours. Then my legs began to get bloated. They got so swollen that I could even wear shoes. I had a fear that I would have to wear crutches; and if that happened, I would lose my job. I told a friend about my condition and she recommended Variconis gel. I was skeptic at first but, oh my! The gel works wonders! In under a week, I was back to work. I’ve never felt better!

variconis buy

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